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A Unique Piece of Rap History

Kanye West and Adidas had an extraordinarily lucrative relationship wherein Adidas sold “YEEZYS”. When Kanye went off the deep end with his antisemitic rants, Adidas cancelled the contract. Kanye’s rabid fans began a “Fuck Adidas” campaign, hence his inscription on…

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King inscribes Stride Toward Freedom to a nurse who helped save his life

On September 20 1958 King was signing his newly released book at Blumsteins Dept. Store in Harlem when a crazy woman stabbed him in the chest with a letter opener. The wound was so close to his aorta that had…

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King inscribes his Masterwork to A. Phillip Randolph

Martin Luther King, Jr., Incredible Signed Copy of Stride Toward Freedom, Inscribed to A. Philip Randolph—with Randolph’s Extensive Notes   Full-page inscription by King: “To my dear friend A. Phillip Randolph. In appreciation of the standards of loyalty, honesty, non-violence,…

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The Most Important Dylan Harmonica Ever Sold

The provenance of the harmonica signed and inscribed on the front of the box by Bob Dylan with a drawing by him of a harmonica blowing notes on the back of the box: On April 12, 1963 Bob Dylan gave…

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