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I Shall Return

This is the only time MacArthur ever wrote out his iconic saying re his return to the Philippines.  

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Baseball Signed by Trump and Putin

A high ranking Russian government official obtained Putin’s signature in person at a public event. Trump’s signature was obtained at his rally in North Carolina on March 2, 2020.

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The Bible used by Rex Humbard to preside at Elvis’s Funeral

When Elvis passed away in August of 1977, his father Vernon asked J.D. Sumner to handle the funeral service at Graceland in Memphis, as Vernon described his wishes for his son’s funeral.  Sumner was a close friend to Elvis and…

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An Unobtainable Handwritten Letter by Galileo with Scientific Content

(1564-1642) THE BIRTH OF THE SCIENCE OF MECHANICS THE BIRTH OF MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS (MAY 9, 1637) GALILEO GALILEI Italian astronomer and mathematician and physicist. The father of modern mechanics and experimental physics Professor of mathematics at Padua (1592-1610). Improved the…

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(1564-1642) The father of modern mechanics and experimental physics Italian astronomer and mathematician and physicist Professor of mathematics at Padua (1592-1610) Improved the refracting telescope (1610) and was the first to use it for astronomy. THERE EXISTS ONLY FOUR KNOWN…

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Signed Will of Sir Francis Drake 1588
Sir Francis Drake’s Will

This document was made at the beginning of one of the most celebrated campaigns in English history (and perhaps his very last act before it began).   On May 30, 1588, the same day that Drake signed the present document, the…

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Charles Darwin Origin of Species

An exceedingly rare manuscript page from Origin of Species.    

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Darwins Theory of Evolution
Darwin’s Comparison of Man and Ape

  THEORY OF EVOLUTION as stated in “DESCENT OF MAN” Darwin outlines the section headings of Chapter III (here labeled II).The draft shown here was changed so that the final printed version read: “Comparison of the Mental Powers of Man…

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