Owning an original piece of history is many peoples’ dream. As one of the nation’s leading autograph dealers, we purvey rare original autographs and historical documents; with an inventory including autographs of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, Churchill, FDR, Mao, Melville, Poe, Einstein, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, etc. We are highly interested in acquiring material in the following areas: American Presidents, Scientists, Statesmen, Composers, Authors, etc.

We welcome you to browse through our treasures; we can help you source specific items. Our inventory consists of rare manuscripts, letters of US Presidents, rare signatures, historical memorabilia, signed vintage photographs, and personal artifacts of famous people. We offer a 100% lifetime money back guarantee of authenticity.

Rare autographs offer the long-term appreciation found with blue-chip stocks, combined with the unique satisfaction of holding an authentic piece of history in your hands.

Thank you for visiting our website. Our prices are competitive – the quality of our material is unmatched. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our inventory or lifetime authenticity guarantee. We look forward to providing you with timeless original pieces of history.


We offer a large selection of framed and unframed original historic materials, representing all areas of collecting. The materials presented in this website represent only a small percentage of our inventory. Collectors who are interested in a particular individual or an area of collecting should notify us of their interests. We maintain a “want card’ system and are always pleased to inform you of our new material which meets your collecting needs.