A Unique Piece of Rap History

Kanye West and Adidas had an extraordinarily lucrative relationship wherein Adidas sold “YEEZYS”. When Kanye went off the deep end with his antisemitic rants, Adidas cancelled the contract. Kanye’s rabid fans began a “Fuck Adidas” campaign, hence his inscription on his album. the YE signature is extremely rare.

Moments in Time plans to auction this unique piece of rap history but will consider offers in excess of $500,000.

The album will be auctioned through Gotta Have Rock and Roll beginning on June 19th.


Video of Kanye Signing the Album


I went to my first YE concert in Paris in 2006 (I’ve done all his concerts in France since then), and in 20 years, not a day goes by that I don’t listen to his music.

For over 10 years now, I’ve been trying to meet him to take a photo with my idol.
Whenever he was in Paris, I spent whole days wandering and waiting in front of the hotels, restaurants, stores or fashion week shows he used to frequent.But each time it was a failure…

Then, last February, I saw that he was going to hold a listening party in Paris on a Sunday evening.
It turns out that Monday is the day I don’t work, so I decided to drive to Paris with my Vinyl “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” to meet him in front of his hotel.

I felt that this was the right day, that after years of trying in vain to meet him, the big day had finally arrived…
I arrived at 9 a.m. in front of his hotel and stayed there until 7 p.m., a 10-hour wait- lots of rain, but unfortunately he didn’t come out of the hotel.
I returned home unhappy, tired and exhausted, my dream once again unfulfilled.

The next day I saw on instagram that he was still in Paris, and on Wednesday from 12pm to 4pm I had a big break at work.
I hesitated to take the Vinyl, but really wanting to meet him, I decided to take the Vinyl to work on Wednesday and go straight to the hotel on my break.

Once there, I waited for almost 3 hours, it was crowded with people and journalists, and just as I had barely 30 minutes left before resuming work, I saw that his security was arriving and starting to get busy in front of the hotel.
I realized that the moment I’d been waiting for all these years was finally going to happen.

That’s when YE comes out with his wife Bianca, and everyone’s shouting Fuck Adidas, I tried to make my way over to get him to sign my Vinyl but I’m blocked by security, and he goes back into the van.

At that moment my dream had just been shattered, when suddenly he emerges, asks the crowd to shout Fuck Adidas even louder, and as if by magic, I find myself all alone, face to face with my idol.
He takes the marker and signs FUCK ADIDAS YE, it was an incredible moment.

The video and photo went viral in a matter of hours.
I received hundreds of messages and offers, and that’s when I realized that I wasn’t just holding a signed Vinyl, but a piece of American rap history in my hands.