Ulysses S. Grant


The Annotated Paragraph Bible:  containing the Old and New Testaments, according to the Authorized Version,  arranged in Paragraphs and Parallelisms;  with Explanatory Notes.
London,  1861

Inscribed on front flyleaf by
Salmon Portland Chase,
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court:

Mrs. U. S. Grant
presented by
Chief Justice Chase
being the Bible on which her husband took the oath of office
as President of the United States
March  4, 1869.

In the Exhibition of Presidential Inaugural Bibles held at the Washington Cathedral, 17 November 1968 to 23 February 1969, one Bible was conspicuously lacking, that of President U. S. Grant for his inaugural ceremonies of 1869 … as it is preserved as the only Presidential Inaugural bible in private hands. It is bound in leather and contained in a 4” wide slipcase with a leather backing title.