Signed Historical Letters & Documents

History is constantly being made all around us. Other timeless pieces of our history are tied to other notable figures of past generations that touched us forever. Moments in Time is passionate about the collection of pieces of this history in the form of rare autographs, signed historical letters, vintage photographs and more. Celebrating the preservation of our honored past is who we are.

Possessing these items gives one a sense of pride. With these manuscripts you can fall into the moment of their creation as they are truly a “moment in time”. We are proud to be one a premier autograph dealer in the United States with a large collection of historical documents for sale. We urge you to contact us with any inquiries regarding particular individuals of interest to you. With our “want card” system, you will be notified of any new material we acquire that may meet your collecting needs. Moments in Time is also happy to provide a Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity on all that we sell.

We take great pride in buying and selling historical treasures and passing them onto those who value them as much as we do! Peruse our website to see our inventory and contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

The Surrender Agreement Ending WW2 in Europe

NAZIS SURRENDER! The Unconditional Surrender of the German Third Reich The Original Signed Document that Ended World War II   Historic Signed First Instrument of Surrender of All German Forces – Marking the End of World War II in Europe….

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Bob Dylan’s Desolation Row

This specific manuscript was written out in 1965. If you check out where “Desolation Row” ranks in the Dylan lexicon, it is rated in the top five on many lists. On some it is ranked higher than “Times They are…

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Extraordinary Tupac Love Letter

“I don’t want u to take my obvious affection towards u as a form of weakness or shallow obsession because that would not be an accurate assessment of my character or nature….I am a passionate man and my heart has…

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